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International Art Program

Our educational system is based on art courses, aimed to give a more effective approach for prospectus student in preparating their university studies. So that teachers at every level can provide supervision and guidance in accordance with the needs of each student.

While studying at the Tomato, students will be taught the steps in art education that includes drawing (pencil drawing), painting (water painting, oil / acrylic), ceramic / pottery, sculpture (clay / sclupting), printmaking (cukil), comic and animation.


Education Level

The main program Tomato Art School is a college preparation program, where students are guided to make the portfolio as a condition for art and design education in colleges inside and outside the country, so it is ready to enter the world of art and design in the global arena. Tomato art school provides arts education for children aged up to college students. With a concentration in art education: drawing, painting, pottery and preparing the portfolio. This is a current list of all of the courses Tomato Art School have currently available:


  • Kindergarten and Elementary Program
  • Junior and Senior High Program
  • College Preparation Program


but no doubt also of interest from adults outside the academic interests. For this special class can be held by contact us.



Studying for the Tomato Art School means you have access to the dedicated facilities and creative environment of a specialist art course. You are supported by a team of experienced and professional artists, designers, and teachers. You benefit from Tomato Art School and access to a broad range of resources including:

  • Printmaking equipment
  • Ceramic art graphics (tables and furnaces)
  • Support equipment for art activities
  • Clean and comfortable classroom
  • Wi-fi


Students and Community

So far, Tomato Art School open the international classes, that are open to foreigners and every people in Indonesia.









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