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“Easter Egg Art” Workshop 2017


(4/15) Hop! Hop! Hop! It’s easter! This year, Tomato Art School with Bayibubu held egg art workshop for celebrate easter. This event held for free at Food Society Ground Floor, Kota Kasablanka, Kuningan. The workshop start at 1.30 PM. They are more than 30 childrens who participated in this event, Tomato Art School’s students and from public. This event runs smoothly for about 2 hours.

This event was held with the aim of introducing art to childrens with cool and fun way, so the child will not feel bored. We also take the childrens about learn to hone creativity with decorate eggs. Childrens are given the freedom to use their imagination as to form an egg garnish they will make.

All children looked really enjoy decorating their eggs. Decorated eggs made of styrofoam with a size of 15 cm. Every single child can decorate one item. Eggs decorated using acrylic paint or another materials mixed media like glitter, colour paper, crepe paper, ribbon, etc. (DM)






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