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Portfolio Program

Before you choose a specialist degree level at art universities you may want or need to undertake a preparation program. In the process of preparation for higher education, students must prepare the portfolio. Portfolio was the work of students during the education in Tomato Art Achool. The process of making work through supervision and monitoring of instructors so that students are able to produce good work. Tomato Art School’s preparation program will help you:


  • Explore the different areas of art and design practice
  • Identify your talents and interests
  • Create a portfolio of your work, ready for application to a degree course


The selection process of foreign universities are increasingly hard to spur us to further improve the quality and the quality of learners Tomato Art School. Short foundation and requirements preparation (portfolio) 1-4 levels. (3 months—1 year).


Lessons           : Basic and additional

Schedule         : (Except Wednesday and Sunday)

   Mon—Fri, 15.00—20.00 WIB.

   Sat, 09.00—16.00 WIB.

Duration         : 120 minutes

1 Term             :  1 months